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Ararat Mkrtchian

Ararat is the founder of the club. He practiced boxing at a high level in many international competitions and was twice vice-champion of USSR. He taught boxing and kick boxing for many years and physical education in a school in Ukraine. You will find in most courses.

Qualifications : Brevet d'Etat d'Educateur Sportif (BEES) 1° in France, pedagogy diploma equivalent to bac+4 in USSR and Master of Sport of International Class level.

Christopher Zabel

Christopher taught boxing part in Valbonne until 2013, and since taught at Cagnes-Sur-Mer and Antibes.

Qualifications : "Prévôt Fédéral" in Boxing and BEES 1° with boxing speciality in preparation.

Roman Mkrtchian

Roman taught kickboxing part in Valbonne until 2013 and will attend courses in Mandelieu from the season 2014/2015.
It's also him who has made the website you are reading now :)

Qualifications : Brevet de Moniteur Fédéral (BMF) 2° kick boxing speciality, Black Belt 1° in kick boxing.