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Before joining

If you don't know our club, you can come and watch any training session.

You can also if you want try a training yourself before joining our association, but for that you have to bring a medical certificate acting that you are able to practice boxe and/or kick boxing. You will also need a simple sporty outfit (tee-shirt, short or jogging, clean shoes for the training or without shoes in the case of tatami).

The subscription

To join the association, you will have to :

  • download, complete and print the registration file 2020/2021, which is an editable PDF available in the right column.
  • bring a medical certificate as described above.
  • bring a photo ID.
  • bring the annual fee.
  • thereafter, gloves, bands, mouth guard, and if you want to practice kick boxing, shin and feet pad... The club offers quality equipment at affordable prices. Inquire locally.

The subscription fee

The subscription fee allows to join the association and participate to both boxe and kick boxing trainings.

Here is the fee grid :

12 to 18 years old+ than 18 years old
Cagnes-Sur-Mer195€ / year225€ / year

The purpose of the club is to allow to the largest number the possibility to train, and the subscription fee is here to let the club function, but it should not be a barrier. People in difficult situations (RSA, unemployment) can therefore benefit from 30% discount on presentation of a proof.