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Boxing as we know it is a fighting sport from to the eighteenth century in England. In its early days it was poorly regulated and practiced with bare hands in the form of ancient boxing, itself dating back to ancient civilizations like Greeks and Romans, that's why it is nowadays an olympic sport.

It took a decisive turn when one of the champions of the eighteenth century, Jack Broughton, after killing one of his opponents, decided to establish safety rules with the help of the Marquis of Queensberry. These rules have focused on agility more than strength, for example by making the wearing of gloves mandatory, prohibiting choking or beating on a helpless or the ground opponent, limiting the duration of the fight etc.

Boxing today and with us

Boxing nowadays is a popular fighting sport letting people learn to control their own body and exchange with others in a physical activity. It is this approach that we practice in our trainings.

The practice of this sport, contrary to encouraging violence, pacifies and calms. It allows both physically unwind and feel confident and self-possessed in everyday life.

Unlike the prejudice that often exists, boxing is not a violent sport. Out of the competition, it is not a sport where you regularly hurt yourself, but rather a sport where the goal is to have fun with your opponent, to trust each other. It is therefore appropriate for both men and women, senior and children.

The technical aspect

Boxing differs from other fighting sports in that it only allows blows with fists, in the stomach, chest and face, while kickboxing for example also allows blows with feet / shins, and knocks on the thighs.

It is technically quite simple since there are only three basic strokes: jab, hook, and uppercut, but it remains a mainstay of most fighting sports based on keystrokes. It keeps of course in itself a great interest, it is besides commonly named "Noble Art".

It may be advisable to start with it (or come back to it) to acquire basic essentials in case you want to go to a fists and feet sport.


Given the age of this sport already well established in France and worldwide, there are strong federations and a large base of competitors.

Competitions begin at an early age with the "boxe éducative", where it is forbidden to insist on strong punches and only the keys count. The emphasis is therefore placed entirely on speed and agility. An intermediate practice is the "boxe pré-combat" which allows punches at full power but equips fighters with full face covering helmets for greater protection. Finally there is the "boxe amateur", which is the one that is practiced in the Olympics and "boxe professionnelle" which is a remunerated activity, practiced without a helmet.

Our club trains boxers at all levels, both competitors and boxers practicing for simple leisure.